With many states passing medical marijuana laws, and in some cases laws for recreational use of marijuana, it’s sometimes hard to convey that marijuana use can negatively impact your child’s physical and emotional health.
  • Do I really have to worry about my teen using marijuana every once and a while?
  • How addictive is it? And can it really cause hallucinations?
  • What is the difference between marijuana today and 20-30 years ago?
  • What is the best way to talk to my kids about this stuff?

Get the answers from a licensed therapist who works with teens every day in an addictions treatment center. Dr. Jennifer Golick shares the facts in this 40 minute presentation for parents Difficult Conversations with Teens about Cannabis. Short on time? Jump ahead to the segment on approaching conversations from a place of concern, curiosity and open-mindedness. By asking questions such as, “What’s the culture at your school?” or “Is there pressure to drink alcohol or use marijuana?” parents can get a sense of their teen’s world from one of their best sources — their own child.

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