Two Truths about Marijuana

A new awareness campaign created by CTAD will launch next month at DHS & HPHS to educate students about marijuana. The campaign comes at a time when there are a lot of references to marijuana in the media. Posters feature “two truths,” statements about marijuana that may seem contradictory, but are both true. Examples of posters may include:

  • TV and movies show young people using marijuana & most teens do not use marijuana
  • Retail marijuana was legalized in Illinois (for 21+) & marijuana is federally illegal
  • Marijuana is a natural plant & marijuana contains unsafe toxins and chemicals.

Each poster provides students with facts based on science and research. The goal is to empower students to choose to be drug-free and stay in control of their lives and futures. Speaking of chemicals in marijuana, check out our 30 second PSA video on what your garage and marijuana have in common.

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