Teens together at sunset
June/July are Peak Times for Teen Drinking & Drug Use
Summertime presents our teens with a lot of unplanned free time and unexpected social pressures. Teens may turn to alcohol and drugs for a variety of reasons, and during the summer months, these substances may offer a tempting escape from boredom, loneliness and/or social discomfort. Complicating the temptation is how alcohol and drugs are “glorified” in social media as a shortcut to instant gratification and “happiness.” As a parent, you can counteract misinformation and with these tips can curb the trend. Talk proactively and often to your teen about resisting social pressures.  When you approach your teen calmly, sincerely and without judgment, your teen is more likely to engage in a conversation and take in what you’re saying. The bonus: Your teen will see how much you really care!

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