Teens on Spring Break
  1. Require supervision on spring break trips. Even the most responsible teen is not prepared for challenges they may face. While you may trust your teen, it’s important to set clear boundaries – which may involve unpopular decisions. The article Reasons for Supervised Spring Breaks from Middle Earth (a non-profit agency that has been providing prevention, intervention and crisis services to adolescents for over 40 years) highlights why consistent support and supervision are necessary until teens are developmentally ready to process the consequences of their actions.
  2. Suggest they think twice before acting. The “grandma rule” is always in effect for actions and social media – encourage your teen to act/post in ways that a family member, teacher, coach, etc. would be proud of them!
  3. Remind your teen that what happens on vacation does not stay on vacation. Rather, risky actions can have permanent consequences once back home and may include jeopardizing college admissions, scholarships, and even future employment.


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