Questioning Media Claims as a Family

A 60 Second Conversation Starter

Although there are restrictions on marijuana advertising, our kids hear about marijuana use in the music they listen to and in the shows they watch.

Join your child in listening to their favorite music (even if it’s not your type!). Also watch some of their favorite shows.

Have an honest discussion. Ask: “Today’s music and TV shows seem to normalize marijuana use. What do you and your friends think about how it’s portrayed?”

Social media bots automatically generate messages on social media. They act as a follower or as a fake account. Researchers at USC analyzed tens of thousands of tweets and found that over half of medical claims on Twitter were tweeted by bots, perpetuating false claims about the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Take a few minutes to sit down with your child and identify examples of misleading claims on your social media.

Explain how you sift through what is true, what is false and what credible sources you trust.

Teaching them not to accept what they see at face value will go a long way in how they view and process their social media, which can ultimately influence their offline behaviors.

Sources: Partnership for Drug Free Kids, USC Research News

For additional ways to talk to your child, please see CTAD’s Resource Guide.

It’s not one 60-minute conversation.
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.

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