Prom & Post-Prom

Tips & Templates for Parents

In our community, DHS & HPHS students are fortunate to have two wonderful, supervised after party options following Prom Saturday, May 18.

HPHS students and their parents can click HPHS Prom and Post Prom Information for all they need to know about the evening’s main event and the exhilarating post prom party at Six Flags. If you are a DHS student/parent, Deerfield Parent Network’s After Party celebrates its 12th successful year as a highlight for DHS seniors and their dates.

Take the extra step to reach out to your teen’s friends’ parents — most will be relieved you did! Parents who share a common concern can encourage their teens to celebrate in a safe manner. If you offer to host an after party and/or sleepover, this sample host parent email is a perfect template to communicate your expectations to parents of invited guests. CTAD’s Teen Parties fact sheet offers great tips on hosting your teen’s friends while offering peace of mind to everyone involved.

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