Partner Spotlight: “Prom-posal” for May Celebrations

Paul Shafer Police Chief Highland Park Police Department

As students prepare for prom and graduation festivities, so do our local police departments. Our goal is always for our students to celebrate these events SAFELY! Here is our Prom & Graduation Top 10 List for parents and students to keep in mind and ensure celebrations remain safe and fun:


#10  All of our officers are briefed and vigilant before, during and after all prom and graduation events.


#9  We do have a “zero tolerance” policy, which is a strict enforcement of the law with regard to drug and alcohol violations. It’s illegal for a driver under age 21 to get behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol.


#8  We conduct checks at all of our liquor establishments prior to prom. We inspect and inform these establishments that we DO arrest those who sell alcohol to minors.


#7  As you know, DHS and HPHS staff take extra precautions to ensure these events are safe, including checking all hired vehicles for alcohol. If alcohol is present, the driver will not be allowed to transport minors.



#6  We care, we enforce, and we have little patience for unacceptable behavior that place students or others at risk. Our police officers have seen far too many situations that turn tragic as a result of bad choices.


#5  School Resource Officers Anthony Kropp at DHS and Brian Soldano at HPHS are there to help you. Please let them know if they can assist in any way before a situation goes badly.


#4  Don’t let a student or friend in need of medical attention risk further harm. Call for help!  The Medical Immunity Act provides that minors who summon medical assistance for an intoxicated minor may be immune from prosecution if they assist the police and emergency responders.


#3  You are never alone! If you’re in a situation where help is needed, use your support group of friends, parents, coaches, school counselors, and teachers. They are there for you! You can also receive help anonymously using Text-A-Tip (see below).


#2  Remind your teens to look out for their prom dates. If they thought enough of their dates to ask them to prom, they can continue that relationship with mutual respect and understanding for their feelings and decisions.


And… #1  Encourage your teens to have a memorable prom and graduation for the right reasons and to have a wonderful time by using good judgment and by making good choices.


Paul Shafer
Police Chief
Highland Park Police Department

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