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Cartoon of family at Thanksgiving dinner
Enjoy the Conversations: Showing Gratitude During Thanksgiving
Turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy — all traditional Thanksgiving dishes topping a beautiful dining table. According to many high school students, they celebrate the holiday with their own unique family traditions. Imagine a buffet including Dominican pastelón and plantains or Italian lasagna and bolognese. The picture of a Thanksgiving meal takes on different forms, but the focus on family and food is the same.
As we surround ourselves with family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, the time is perfect to demonstrate and talk about your family’s values. What better time to pick three or four guiding principles in your lives– such as respect, truth, compassion, humility– and discuss what they might look like.
Use this time to ask and listen, to teach, and to have a debate. Don’t forget to turn the big picture of conversations into actions as a family. Use this day to praise and encourage your children for the things they do well and the positive choices they make.
Long after the memory of the pumpkin pie is gone, your kids will remember the feeling of this most special of holidays.  Don’t forget to pause and enjoy the conversations!
With gratitude, let it be a truly happy Thanksgiving for all!

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