Partner Spotlight: Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering on The Strength of Shared Values

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering
The Strength of Shared Values
By City of Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering
As parents, we work hard to raise our children to reflect our values. Whether it’s doing well in school, being kind to others or working hard to achieve a goal, we share our hopes with these special people we’ve nurtured since birth. As we send them out into the world, we’re hopeful that they’ll remember those lessons and shared values. Usually they do, but sometimes, they don’t. How do we thoughtfully prepare and protect our children during these adolescent years and beyond?
We know as parents, government officials, community leaders and neighbors that shared values and responsibilities help make our communities strong and keep our youth safe. Working together, sharing best practices and having regular conversations about substance abuse increases our ability to reach adolescents before they are exposed to drugs and alcohol, diminishes the risk of addiction, and increases the likelihood of success in school and in life.
The need and concern are clear, and the path to real solutions is challenging but important. With organizations like Community, the Anti-Drug (CTAD), we bring together teachers, counselors, mayors, parents, health care professionals, clergy, law enforcement and administrators to collaborate, share constructive information, and support our students, our families and our educators. The City of Highland Park is proud to support the vital resources provided by CTAD. Please reach out to CTAD with your questions. They are here to serve as an objective, fact-based resource. Together, we can support our students’ health and safety both now and in the future.

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