Parents on the Same Page

Sound Advice from One of our Own

My husband and I successfully guided our oldest son through college graduation this year! We are in the process of mentoring our middle son through his college journey. Our daughter is a senior in high school, and this year is unlike any other year we’ve experienced as parents. Vaping, Juuls, and the legalization of retail marijuana in Illinois (on 1/1/20) makes my heart beat a little faster and my “mom radar” go into overdrive.

I feel comfortable knowing what to look for and addressing the dangers of underage drinking. Being on CTAD‘s parent committee, I’ve been lucky to learn about the dangers of vaping and underage marijuana use. I’d like to think I’m prepared and better able to educate my children. However, the recent news of vaping illnesses and deaths comes as a surprise. I learned that if you feel you’re alone as a parent, odds are there are others thinking and worrying about the exact same issues. Connecting with other parents brings comfort in knowing they experience similar challenges and they may even offer some great advice!

I discuss often what I learn with my daughter (and my 20- and 23-year-old sons) as reminders of how important it is to do the right thing, obey the law, and preserve their health. I will continue to ask questions and pay attention to what they’re doing and learn as much as I can from other parents and resources such as CTAD – to help them navigate a healthy, safe way into adulthood.

Debbie Krug
Highland Park Parent & CTAD Parent Committee Chair

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