Officer Rheanna Hall

Keeping Teens Safe at Parties & After Prom

by Officer Rheanna Hall, DHS School Resource Officer

Officer Rheanna Hall

With prom season quickly approaching, it’s important to be aware of the after parties that may include underage drinking and the possible use of marijuana. Parents should talk with their children before prom and inform them of the dangers of combining marijuana use with alcohol consumption. Share your thoughts on situations that may arise and discuss ways to handle them appropriately. Ask your teen to call or text you to keep you updated on their plans for the night. If there are concerns, have them call or text you immediately. Lay out clear expectations and specify consequences if those expectations are not met.

If you choose to host an after party for your teen and their friends, remember you are ultimately responsible for the actions that occur on your property. The Deerfield Police Department reminds parents about the importance of abiding by social hosting laws, and to be responsible and aware of the implications of social hosting during what should be a blissful and memorable time. Parents who host should set clear boundaries and monitor their children’s group of friends. Be alert for signs of alcohol and/or drug use.

Officer Rheanna Hall, Deerfield Police Department
Deerfield High School Resource Officer
CTAD Coalition Member

See CTAD’s Teen Parties fact sheet for:

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  • Tips on hosting teen parties
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