Keeping Calm During Final Exams

As our students prepare to take final exams before the holiday break, the DHS & HPHS Counseling Departments offer parents/guardians the following tips to lower stress levels and keep the calm:

  • Respond with patience if your student is anxious. You may be frustrated with how your student is managing the many demands placed on them, but negative or blaming language is likely to result in less effective problem solving for your student. Remaining calm will help your student manage anxiety.
  • Develop a plan. Talk to your student about what is happening, recognize their feelings, and develop a reasonable plan that addresses the concern. 
  • You know your student best. How much parental oversight does your student typically need from you? Reinforce the notion that they are capable while helping structure their study plan as needed. 
  • Reassure your student. Finals are only worth 10-20% of their semester grade. The bulk of their grade is already established.
  • Avoid texts that lead to emotional upset on the day of a test. If you need to have a conversation with your student, wait until the end of the day. 

Deerfield Parent Network’s handout from Principal Anderson’s Taking the Fear out of Finals program offers additional tips on helping your student manage final exams.

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