HPHS Goes Back to the 80s

Get ready for a BACK TO THE 80s HOMECOMING WEEK at HPHS, Oct. 14 – 19. The “totally awesome” week consists of “gnarly” school activities celebrating school spirit. Students are encouraged to attend the Homecoming Dinner & Dance on Saturday, October 19 from 7 – 10 p.m. with a group of friends. Freshmen and transfer students are invited as our guests free of charge.

Homecoming is an opportunity for HPHS students to celebrate being part of a wonderful high school community and to show their GIANT pride. As partners in this evening, HPHS can provide a safe, enjoyable evening for your sons and daughters. Careful planning with your teen will ensure that everyone has a great time and remains safe.

The evening is planned by students for students. Because attending the dinner/dance is the main focus of the evening, the expectation is that teens stay for the entire time, until 10 p.m. If you extend your teen’s evening with additional activities, HPHS suggests that parents take an active role in supervision. If you arrange private transportation to pick up your teen after the dance, note that security will search all buses upon their arrival at HPHS. Parents are encouraged to be present when their students board the buses.

Check out these helpful tips to assist you and your teen in preparing for a fun, safe and memorable evening. The Homecoming page includes specifics on tickets, times, guests, event details, and behavior expectations. Contact the Activities Office for additional information and please share this information with your teen. We thank you in advance for your part in supporting a successful Homecoming week at HPHS.

Article courtesy of Lesa Friedrich, Director of Student Activities at HPHS
Parents – if you are hosting an after party, consider reaching out to other parents beforehand. See CTAD’s Teen Parties and After Party Email for tips and ideas.

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