Homecoming Season is Here

A Time to Connect with Teens and Parents

Often associated with higher rates of underage drinking and other risky behaviors, Homecoming season offers a perfect opportunity for parents to talk with their teens and other parents about how to manage these added social pressures. In our new Guide to Teen Parties, you will find tips on hosting parties and what to do when your teen plans to attend a friend’s party.

As a friendly reminder, curfew laws are always in effect for teens under 18 (17 in Highwood) regardless of holidays or time of the year:
Local CurfewTeens may not be in public unless in an emergency, with a parent, or traveling to/from work or a school-sponsored event. Check with your village for other exceptions.

  • Sunday – Thursday: 11 pm – 6 am
  • Friday – Saturday: Midnight – 6 am

Illinois Driving Curfew starts one hour earlier and a teen’s driver’s license is invalid during that time.

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