Delta: Believe in Change

Students Striving to Be Their Best

Youth are the leading experts in school culture. Combining this expertise with their passion, skills, and resources, teens have the greatest capacity to influence positive change among their peers. DHS and HPHS students plan to put this into action in a new group they named “Delta,” a name which stands for change. CTAD and Delta will work together to build a culture in which students feel protected, confident and empowered to make healthy choices.

“Delta is an amazing opportunity and experience! I’ve made so many new friends and have met a lot of cool people from DHS, Highland Park, and other schools. Delta isn’t just about drug prevention; we learn a lot about being healthier overall as well. From the importance sleep has on athletic performance to the fact that even non-nicotine vapes can contain nicotine. Delta helps students make the best, most informed choices they can make. Also, since Delta is pretty new, members have a lot of input on the direction the club can take, so the possibilities are endless!”

– Mika Liv-Feyman
Delta DHS Member

Delta is a CTAD-sponsored student activity open to all students at both Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools. Current Delta members are students who are passionate, motivated and accepting leaders, seeking to bring about change by inspiring their peers to be the best version of themselves. Delta students empower their peers through a supportive culture of positive messaging centered around drug and alcohol awareness. Delta has a variety of educational and interactive activities throughout the year to promote this culture and its mission of a healthy lifestyle.

For more information at Deerfield High School, contact Florin Mitran ( or Carly Micheles ( ). At Highland Park High School, please contact Sandra Wichner (

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