CTAD 2019 Accomplishments

At CTAD’s Annual Meeting in December, coalition members gathered to review our many accomplishments and thank our volunteers for their dedication and countless hours of service. Below is just a sampling of some of CTAD’s activities over the past year thanks to the efforts of our many volunteers and donors!

2,962 parents/guardians reached at open houses, events, workshops, and presentations on fake IDs on the dark web, vaping & marijuana legalization

New fact sheets developed on Marijuana Facts: Health & Illinois Law and Marijuana & Teens

Festive Fun Drinks served at National Night Out & Hometown Heroes community events to encourage serving drinks everyone can enjoy at a party–whether they cannot or choose not to drink alcohol

Text a Tip mental health line promoted in local theaters and on streaming services to provide teens with resources during the summer

CTAD Community Resource Guide updated with information on vaping, marijuana & conversation starters for every age group

Community signs distributed to local retailers stating “You must be 21 to purchase tobacco & vaping products”

Delta Youth Advisory Boards at DHS & HPHS joined students from Stevenson High School Catalyst club to collectively voice their concerns at town hall meetings on the harmful effects that vaping and marijuana have on youth

Student alcohol prevention campaign “What’s Your Reason?” wrapped up at DHS & HPHS and two new media campaigns launched: “Two Truths” marijuana prevention at the high schools & “Be Real” alcohol prevention at Northwood & Edgewood Middle Schools

CTAD co-hosted Impact of Marijuana Legalization panel attended by 133 local legislators & law enforcement officers and Marijuana Workplace Policy Workshop attended by 40 businesses & organizations

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