Get Your Teen to Question Vaping

A 60 Second Conversation Starter

This 30 second PSA shows how today’s vaping ads are awfully similar to past tobacco ads.

Have you and your child recently driven along the highway and passed a billboard advertising e-cigarette or vape products? Or walked by a store advertising those products sold within?

Grab the moment! Encourage your teen to question what they see and to think critically about claims made on billboards, signs in store fronts and on social media.

Mention that in our generation cigarette advertisers hid the harmful truth while promoting the “glamorous” side of smoking. With a few prompts, like the ones below, it may be one of the most enlightening drives or walks with your teen in a long time!

  • “Do your friends talk about what they see on social media related to vape products and claims advertisers are making about them?”
  • “Are you concerned about friends who think these claims are true?”

It’s not one 60-minute conversation.
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.

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