2019 New Year's resolution lists

60 Second Conversation Starter: Why teens choose alcohol-free

As we think about our 2019 goals and resolutions, what motivates District 113 students to make the choice to be alcohol-free?

  • 63% do it for their health and well being
  • 56% want to perform their best in sports, the arts, and school
  • 50% want to follow the law

………(District 113 Delta Survey, October 2018)

The New Year is a perfect time to check in with your child about what motivates them and discuss how healthy living can be part of their New Year’s goals. Share with them how alcohol use can affect their goals in various ways:

  • 1 night of heavy drinking can erase up to 2 weeks of athletic training (John Underwood, Life of an Athlete)
  • Alcohol inhibits the brain’s ability to learn new information by interrupting the sleep cycle (University of Notre Dame, For the Athlete: Alcohol and Athletic Performance)

Discuss your own New Year’s goals with your child and support each other on the road to achieving them.

It’s not one 60-minute conversation. 
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.  

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