Parent/Peer Approval Strong Influence

60 Second Conversation Starter: Approve or Disapprove

Parent/Peer Approval Strong Influence

A teen’s #1 influence in their decision not to drink or misuse drugs is their parents. Seeking approval from friends is a close second:

  • 80% of DHS & HPHS students report that their parents think it’s wrong for them to drink alcohol (2018 Illinois Youth Survey)
  • Nearly 80% of surveyed students indicate that their friends would disapprove of them drinking(2018 Illinois Youth Survey)

Try spending some screen-free, one-on-one time with your teen while driving them to practice, school, or an appointment; or right before saying good night. Tune in to how your teen is handling the social pressures; even if they tell you they don’t want to talk, keep the lines of conversation open: “You can talk to me anytime, and I will be ready to listen.”

It’s not one 60-minute conversation. 
It’s 60 one-minute conversations.  

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