What Parents Should Know

Cannabis users celebrate April 20th as a “holiday” — specifically at 4:20 in the afternoon. The origins of “420” are not clearly known, but the phenomenon continues today. Learning the terms our youth use helps adults/parents tune in to discussions occurring in school, in the car, or wherever they are with them. Equally important is paying attention to logos and messages on their clothing, notebooks, and other personal items that might include “420” or other slang-related phrases. Common slang (according to the Urban Dictionary) for cannabis use include: bage, bun, torch up, puff, get right, green, crossfade (with alcohol), choke, bug out, chief, hot box, blaze, tea time, spark, toke, and mow the grass. References for being high include: baked, blitzed laggard, blazed, obliterated, smacked and lit.
Parents walk a fine line between encouraging autonomy and providing structured support, which is not an easy balancing act with teens. Since after school is often an unsupervised time, having a planned activity on 4/20 may be a good idea. And many frequent conversations with your teen go a long way in helping them through difficult social situations. By doing so, they’ll be more able to say “no” if asked “It’s 4:19, got a minute?”
If you would like more tips on navigating conversations with your kids or need additional support, please visit Family Service of Lake County.

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