Community - The Anti- Drug

Keeping our teens drug and alcohol free.



The mission of Community – The Anti-Drug Coalition (CTAD) is to reduce the use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs among youth in Bannockburn, Deerfield, Highland Park, Highwood and Riverwoods. 

The Coalition is a volunteer-led organization which strives to build and sustain a safe and healthy community in which our youth feel protected, confident and empowered to make drug-free choices. We bring together input and contributions from all sectors of the community—schools, parents, youth, government, healthcare, faith, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations and more—to transform the environment around our youth so that the drug-free choice is the easy choice. We regularly identify and implement best practices, strategies and solutions that are proven to be effective in accomplishing our mission.


Parents are Key

Did you Know?
Two-thirds of youth ages 13-17 say losing their parents’ respect is one of the main reasons they don’t smoke marijuana or use other drugs.

Ongoing conversation

Remember…talking with your kids about drugs and alcohol is not a one-time conversation. It’s an ongoing discussion with your child that changes as they mature.

Take Action

Be Prepared
It is never too early to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol.